How to deal with break up when you still love them

All breakups, regardless of circumstances, are unbearable to some degree. To tell you the truth, there’s no quick solution that will make your heartache disappear overnight. But, we are going to introduce some techniques on how to deal with break up when you still love them In this article. Getting familiar with these techniques can help you suppress breakup emotions and get over them in no time. Now read on and find out these techniques.

Don’t deny the reality

At this point, you should accept the fact that your ex is no longer the focal point of your life. Accepting that can be unbearable, but now is the time to express yourself and come to grips with life as it stands now that your relationship has ended.

Spend some time alone or do a bit of crying

It is very natural if you cry or feel bad in the first few days after the breakup. Don’t ignore your emotions or try not to suppress them. Expressing emotions helps you forget your ex and accept the reality of what happened. If you try to control your emotions, they will bother you the most. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t cry or appear regretful when your ex is present. Indeed, it’s better not to talk to your ex during the early stages of the breakup.

Don’t contact your ex

This is one of the most difficult steps you can take. You have to avoid begging or apologizing just to talk your way into convincing your ex to come back. Delete photos, love notes, and gifts from your ex, or any other items that might remind you of your past relationship and keep them out of your reach for a while. In doing so, you can move on gradually after the breakup.

Focus on yourself

Sometimes, the breakup can give you an opportunity to do some of the things that you didn’t have time to do before, like picking up new hobbies or meeting people you haven’t seen for a while. In this regard, talking to your family and friends can be effective since it reminds you that there are always people who care about you and want to make sure you’re fine.

If you want to deal with a breakup, it’s important to focus on yourself and make sure you’ve got the support you need. But how to focus on yourself after a breakup? Some people want to be alone, some like to take up new hobbies and get busy. (To know more see Living your best self.)

Don’t blame yourself

After the breakup, you shouldn’t feel guilty and blame yourself. It’s not at all your fault. Remember that if there is a problem in a relationship that leads to a breakup, both parties should be blamed.

The heartache will end soon

It may feel better in a few weeks or it may take a few months or more. But, frankly speaking, the heartache you’re feeling right now will end. You will find someone new and fall in love again. Just like with any pain or ache, it’s going to take time. Give yourself the time you need to get over the breakup and feel a whole lot better.

Date someone new

It’s important to note that, aforementioned ideas can help you get over the breakup and minimize your heartache, but the single best way to recover from a breakup is to date someone new. It’s quite normal if you don’t like to meet members of the opposite sex, but you will realize that breakup emotions begin to fade away as soon as you replace your ex with a guy/girl. So, ignore your ex completely and force yourself to meet someone new.

Paying attention to these points will speed up the process of getting over your ex and, as a result, you’ll be back to normal and spent a bit less time thinking about your ex. ( To read more see starting a new relationship after the breakup.)

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