How to get your ex back when she has moved on

Some countless boys and girls desperately want to regain their lost love. Restoring old love is not so difficult; Of course, you can’t resume your relationship immediately and expect everything to go your way this time. You should not follow your heart and feelings without thinking, this time you should proceed with planning. If you have a plan, not only can you get back on track slowly and effortlessly, but you can also save yourself from anxiety and stress for weeks, months, or even years. If you want to know how to get your ex back when she has moved on, read this article, we have explained how to get yotopicsr ex back in four steps. If you follow these steps correctly, you can bring your ex back into the relationship again. Read on to get familiar with these simple steps.

Step 1- Don’t Contact Her for a Month

The first step in getting your ex-girlfriend back is to cut off all contact with her, which means no calling or texting, no meetups, no accidental run-ins, and no stalking her on social media. It also means, limiting the posts she can see from you.
The key to succeeding in the first step is to control your emotions. Of course, after the breakup, it is easier to control your emotions verbally rather than acting them out since your heart is filled with rebellious and unpleasant emotions.

Even if your ex-girlfriend calls you, you should politely tell her that you need to be alone for a while and end the conversation. If your conversation goes on longer than this, the vortex of the past pulls you in or it makes you constantly think of her. You certainly don’t want this to happen, because at this stage you shouldn’t contact her.

The only thing you should do is try to control your fears, worries, negative emotions and wishful thinking are the biggest obstacles to achieving your goal. Controlling emotions at this stage forms the basis of the “getting your ex back” plan. (To read more see how to get your ex-girlfriend back.)

Reasons why you shouldn’t contact your ex-girlfriend for a month

1. During this period, you will have the opportunity to detoxify your soul and psyche.
2. You will realize that you can live without her.
3. You give your ex time and space to miss you and create a new image of you in her mind.
4. So, you should not make any mistake that may ruin your chances of getting your ex-girlfriend back forever.

Step 2- Control Your Emotions

After the breakup, you should control your feelings and emotions. Otherwise, you may make one of the deadliest mistakes of all time. These are deadly mistakes that most people make after separation.

They want to return their ex-girlfriend at any cost, and with their pent-up emotions and feelings, they can’t act wisely. They can’t resist the strong temptation and burning desire to hug their ex-girlfriend, see her, talk to her, reconnect with her, and eventually succumb to this temptation.

The deadly mistakes are as follows:

1. Constant contact with her.
2. Begging her to come back.
3. Tolerating her bad behavior and letting her go her own way.
4. Trying to arouse her jealousy by talking to other girls.
5. Asking her to talk about her feelings after the breakup.

Step 3- Focus on Self-Improvement

It is very important to work on your mind, body, and soul during the post-breakup period. In this section, you will find out how you can prepare the ground for your growth and improvement.


One of the biggest obstacles to getting your ex-girlfriend back is to constantly think about your previous relationship, focus on what has been lost, and eagerly wish that everything was different. Such a mentality not only hinders the return of your ex but also prevents you from feeling inner peace. Much of your pain and unhappiness stems from the fact that you want to be different now.

Learning to accept reality as it is would be the antidote to the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that pervade every aspect of your life after the breakup.

Fortunately, during the no-contact period, you have the opportunity to implement procedures and structures that help you to give up fruitless thoughts and to have a more positive and clear view of the situation. Diary writing, meditation, and yoga also help to calm your mind. Enduring such an intense emotional experience may cause your thoughts to become unbalanced, so it is very important to try to find inner peace and learn how to calm your mind or at least make it a little calmer.

Once you can control your negative emotions, you will feel better from within, and this inner peace will be reflected in your appearance. As a result, you will feel better and you will give off positive and calming energy. Positive and relaxing energy on the way to getting back your ex is one of the most attractive qualities that you should create in yourself.


If you want to improve your body, there are two main ways to feel good and look your best:

1. Exercise: It is a great idea to exercise during the post-breakup period. Everyone knows that exercise has many benefits at different levels, and as the saying goes, “a healthy soul in a healthy body.” Exercise can reduce stress, boost your mood, relieve anxiety, and increase concentration and relaxation. Of course, in addition to making you feel better, exercise also helps you become more fit and attractive. Fortunately, due to the great variety that exists these days, exercising has become more enjoyable and fun than ever. For example, you can try Zumba, CrossFit, Salsa, Yoga, Pilates, or any other sport you like. Or you can turn to older methods and run outdoors on a treadmill or when the weather is nice. The bottom line is that you need to make endorphins flow through your body.

2- Change your appearance: Making small changes in your hairstyle has a tremendous effect on your self-confidence and makes you feel better about yourself. In fact, changing your appearance gives you the courage to make more fundamental and important changes. Sometimes, simply changing your personal style will eventually lead to choices and actions that will increase your energy, satisfaction, and enjoyment of life. Investing time and energy in making small, positive changes to your appearance will give you more confidence and enjoyment, and make you be the best person you can be. So, improving appearance leads to good things in your life.


To cultivate your soul after the breakup and achieving peace of mind, you can use the following extraordinary methods:

1.Socializing with good and close friends
2.Meet new people and make new friends
3.Follow your interests

Step 4: Get Ready to Meet Her

It is at this point, where most of the feelings or negative comments about your ex no longer exist for you. Moreover, she has forgotten the bad memories, arguments, and problems of your previous relationship.

We, as human beings, are accustomed to always longing for the past and remembering past events. So when you are reminded of the “past”, your ex remembers only the good moments she shared with you, and the bad ones are hidden deep in her mind. In this way, it doesn’t take long for her to get back to you.

It doesn’t matter how the relationship starts again; Maybe she will contact you herself or maybe you will contact her first. However, the key point at this stage is to make her comfortable and happy when you meet her. This will be easy for you if you follow the previous steps correctly.

Now that you have controlled your emotions, you have nurtured your body and soul during this time, you have socialized with your friends, and you have probably met new people. In other words, your life is no longer dependent on your ex or your previous relationship. You have worked on yourself mentally and emotionally and now you know that whether she gets back to you or not, you can move on with your life.

You have reached a point where you hope to reach an agreement with your ex-girlfriend, but you know that even if you don’t succeed in bringing her back, you can continue to live your best life.

Necessary conditions leading to getting your ex-girlfriend back when she has moved on

1.You are completely healed from the pain of separation and you don’t feel the slightest anger, hatred, sadness, pessimism, or any other unpleasant feeling.
2.Have not had any contact with her for at least four weeks.
3.Your focus during this time has been on creating the best feeling and appearance in yourself, not to mention building high self-confidence in yourself.
4.You have accepted the fact that she may never want to come back to you, and this won’t frighten you in any way. You know you can live without her.
5.You have good reasons to bring her back, not out of loneliness or selfishness that you want to bring her back, you sincerely believe that she is the best partner for you.

Reconnection Method

She might send you a regular message, such as “Hello, how are you?” If she really misses you, she might even call you. You may also send a message or call her, but don’t forget that you are only allowed to communicate with her after a month. There is no hard and fast rule at this stage. In fact, there is no law when it comes to dating. If you want to force the rules that are not in line with your mindset, you have done the same fruitless thing.

When you are mentally in a good position, you can easily have a warm and friendly conversation with your ex. Don’t stress yourself and your ex out by thinking that you must come to an exact conclusion out of this conversation. Instead, try to have a comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxed conversation with her. (To know more see topics to talk about with your ex-girlfriend.)

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