How to get your ex-girlfriend back

Some romantic relationships end in a storm of suspicion and cruel accusations. As you read this article, you may have said something unpleasant to your favorite fiancé, your wife, or your girlfriend she may have said something in response to you, and, as a result, she started an argument with you and broke up with you. After the breakup, however, you may realize what a blessing you have lost and you sincerely want to win her back. In this article, you will find useful steps on how to get your ex-girlfriend back after a breakup. Getting familiar with these strategies can help you win her heart again and restore your relationship with her because they are all based on women’s psychology and scientific principles. Spare a few moments to read these principles in what follows.

Step 1- Be Attractive

Prepare yourself, because at this step you will understand why your favorite girl has left you.

When you first met your love, there were psychological factors that attracted her to you. Your demeanor had attractive features that drew her to you like a magnet for the first time; Even when it got to the point where she wanted to leave you, it was still your behavior that made her hate you.

Men are usually attracted to the beauty of women’s appearance, but women are usually attracted to the behavioral characteristics of men. Some traits attract women and some make them repulsive. Your attractive traits initially bring your favorite girl closer to you, but the longer your relationship lasts, the more your unpleasant personality traits become apparent to her, leading to her disgust with you.

Some of these unpleasant features are:

Lack of confidence
Being jealous
Being a controller
Valuing yourself
Constantly looking for approval
Claiming authority
Claiming to be a leader
Being aimless
Having false confidence

The role of men in the relationship is very important. There is one very important point that most men are reluctant to accept; That is, men are gradually accepting feminine designs, and women are gradually adopting masculine designs. No matter how much we have grown socially, women are still and always attracted to powerful men who display attractive masculine features.

Women never want to be in control of a relationship. They still want the man in their life to be the final decision-maker. Always remember: “The one who cares the least controls the relationship.”

If you look at your current situation, you will find that it is your ex-girlfriend who pays the least attention to the relationship and is the decision-maker. You are looking for a way to bring her back. If you want to control your relationship, you have to pay the least attention. Accept this point and work on the following techniques so that you can your ex-girlfriend back to you. (To read more see how to make my ex feel attracted to me again.)

Step 2- No Contact Rule

After breaking up with your favorite girl, you are not in a good position to be able to contact her. So it is better not to contact her in any way. Cut off all contact with your ex and don’t text her or call her. Instead of wasting your time with fruitless calls, you should invest your valuable time in learning how to get her back.

We recommend that you have nothing to do with your ex for at least four weeks. Of course, there is no problem if she calls you. There are three benefits to following the no contact rule with a former lover:

1- In this way, you will not seem stubborn, needy, and insecure. As you know, uncertainty is the biggest enemy of men’s attractiveness, so it is better to avoid showing these two unpleasant characteristics.

2- No contact rule creates a “fear of losing you” on your ex’s part. This way she thinks to herself why you are not calling her anymore. As a result, she may be hesitant about her decision not to contact you. This feeling of hesitation is your trump card for bringing your ex back.

3- During the no-contact period, you have time to think more about the ways to get your ex back. During this time you can gather valuable information by reading this website and referring to a good consultant.

When you are with her, no matter how hard you try, she will realize that you need her. Women are highly proficient in understanding nonverbal communication messages. Even if you do not speak, your favorite girl will still realize your true feeling that you want to reconnect with her in complete despair and helplessness.

By reading this guide, you will understand how to get rid of the feeling of need and despair. Even if you are disintegrating from within and unpleasant feelings are pervading your body, you should act as if you have no problems after the breakup and you are perfectly fine.

What if she called you during the no-contact period?
It is possible that your ex-lover will contact you during the no-contact period, especially if you follow the steps in this guide carefully. Your good behavior makes her afraid that she will lose you forever, and as a result, she values you again. Her instinct, in this situation, forces her to call you.

Getting her to call is a great sign for your relationship, though not necessary. However, if your ex contacts you first, things will be much easier for you.

When you answer her call, the number one rule is not to be angry, depressed, or rude. When she calls you or comes to see you at work, be sure to be happy and behave properly. In this way, you can show her your higher value. This behavior reinforces the “fear of losing” in your ex and makes her think that you have forgotten her and moved on.

When your ex calls you, follow these tips:

Try to keep your conversation short.

Let her lead the conversation.

Be happy and don’t make her feel that you are depressed.

You end the conversation, if your conversation is over the phone, end the conversation in 15 minutes. For example, say, “I want to go out with my friend, I’ll call you later.”

Let it go for a while and then call her. Don’t show yourself eager, wait a day or a day and a half.

If you meet somewhere, be kind and end your conversation like this: “I’m so glad I talked to you, but I have to…”

The “no contact rule” does not mean that your favorite girl can’t call you; On the contrary, her initiative to call is a wonderful sign for you. The main thing is that you are not the initiator of the call during no contact, the goal is for her to call you herself.

No contact rule is an effective and powerful technique that if you follow correctly, your ex-girlfriend will most likely contact you on her own. That is, no contact makes her realize your worth.

We emphasize again that you should be happy, calm, and cheerful when talking to your ex. Let her lead the conversation and set the topic for the conversation. If she herself mentioned your past relationship during the conversation, you can continue the discussion, but be careful not to raise this sensitive issue first.

After four weeks of no contact, it is time to communicate with your ex. She has, surely, felt lonely during this time and has recalled the good memories of the past. In this way, the scales of power become heavy in your favor and she is placed in a position of weakness and anxiety.

What if she did not call you?

After the four-week ban is over, you can call your favorite girl. In most cases, it is she who will take the initiative to call, but if she didn’t call, now it is okay for you to call her. In any case, you should wait at least four weeks and then call your ex again. Of course, sometimes, depending on how needy and frustrated you are after the breakup, you may have to wait longer.

When you call your ex, talk to her like an old friend. Do not feel frustrated and do not show any signs of need in your behavior. Act as if you are perfectly fine and finally realize that the breakup has been the best thing that could have happened to you.

We advise you to tell your ex that the breakup is the best thing you can do, but at the same time, you think it’s a shame that the wonderful friendship between you ends like this.

Whether she calls you or not, you need to step into her life and show her your confidence and changed self. You need to use your position as a friend to increase your attractiveness and attract her attention.

Step 3- The Push-Pull Technique

Many romance experts do not recommend the push-pull technique as one of the best ways to get your ex back. This technique is based on the notion that what you want is what you can’t achieve. You now feel that you can’t reach your ex and this inability drives you crazy. Such emotions are common in human behavior.

If you analyze people’s actions carefully, you will notice that they are pushing or pulling someone. To show your interest, you may pull her closer to you and to show your lack of interest, you push her. When a girl pushes you, you, naturally, want to take her and fill that void. This is normal in romantic relationships.

After the breakup, you want to bring her back into your life, but instead of pushing her, you are actually pulling her closer to you. When you pull her, you put more pressure on her. As such, she thinks to herself that she can come back to you whenever she wants, but this time will never come and she will never want you.

One of the best ways to handle this is to avoid any contact with her. During the four weeks of no contact period, you are actually pushing her, a technique that will work in your favor in the long run.

In any case, you must be careful not to push her too far since you want to be in a relationship with your favorite girl again and you have to maintain a balance between interest and apathy.

Step 4- Accept the Breakup

If you want to get your ex-girlfriend back into the relationship, all you have to do is accepting the breakup and letting her go. Although this step is difficult for you, it is vital to bring your favorite girl back into the relationship. In any case, in order to be able to get your love back to yourself at the right time, you need to let go of her so that she can be away from you.

This may seem like a lot to you, but you have to keep in mind that in order to bring your ex closer, you need to let go of her first. In addition, this technique does not allow you to behave as if you constantly want her to approve of everything you do. (To know more see how to deal with a breakup when you still love them.)

Step 5- Focus on Your Purpose

To get your ex-girlfriend back, you have to prove to her that you don’t need her. The same technique applies here as with the push-pull technique. The period after a breakup is an ideal time to focus on yourself and improve your communication skills.

When you return to your normal life, you can show your ex that the wounds of this breakup are healing on your part. By improving yourself and leaving the past behind, you will create many attractive traits in your personality that make her come back to you. (To read more see how to focus on yourself after a breakup.)

Step 6- Improve Your Appearance

We recommend that you improve your appearance before meeting your ex-girlfriend. No matter how much you work on your personality and update yourself, you still need to improve your appearance before planning for the promised day.

It is always necessary to look attractive and fresh because your favorite girl should be affected by your appearance after this long distance. Of course, we don’t mean to change yourself completely to get her back. However, new clothes will increase your attractiveness and self-confidence.

Exercise is very important because it both improves your body and appearance and boosts your self-confidence. Having confidence in meeting your ex-girlfriend is vital.

Step 7- Decisive Meeting

After completing the previous six steps on how to get your ex-girlfriend back, now is the time to complete the most important step, which is getting prepared to face the “decisive meeting” with your ex.

Note that this meeting should not be considered as a romantic date with your ex, you are just going to see her again, ask how she’s been, and don’t force her to reconnect with you and give you a commitment.

During this meeting, you should keep calm and cool. Do your best not to get angry and depressed. The best way to control your anger is not to start an argument. Discussions and inconsistencies are often raised in conversations because of a reminder of a previous relationship.

So it is better not to talk about the past and not to blame your ex for the breakup. If you blame her, she will get defensive over the past issues, and as a result, this meeting may end in an argument and opposition that is far from what you really want.

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