How to make my ex feel attracted to me again

To make your ex feel attracted to you again, no one can convince your ex that they should give your relationship another shot. Instead, you have to tap into their emotions and essentially make your ex love you again. Hence, you have to rebuild mutual attraction with your ex to the point where they feel attracted to you again and decide to take you back. In this article, we are going to introduce some significant techniques on how to make my ex feel attracted to me again. Getting familiar with these techniques will give you a second chance with your ex. So, you just need to bring back the spark that your ex felt during the early days of your relationship to attract your ex again. Spare a few minutes to learn these techniques.

Tip 1. Don’t contact your ex for a month

The first thing you need to do in order to make your ex feel attracted to you again is to stop speaking to them.

When you vanish from your ex’s life all of a sudden, you’re shocking him/her into realizing what life is like when you’re not around. And, on its own, it can actually sometimes be enough to make your ex beg you to take them back.

In fact, the no-contact period will give your ex enough time to let go of negative thoughts and memories that may have led to the breakup and revive some of the happier, more nostalgic ones!

It’s just human nature to subconsciously purge negative memories over time. So, by ignoring your ex, you’re simply allowing this to happen naturally.

As a result, your ex will forget about the significance of the negative aspects of your relationship that led to the breakup and they’ll focus more on happy times that you shared together. Furthermore, this technique also taps into another element of human nature which is to desire and want what you can’t have.

We know this is a bit of a cliché but several research studies have shown that both men and women are more attracted to members of the opposite sex that aren’t romantically available.

In other words, by vanishing from your ex’s life, you’re making yourself appear less available which helps to subconsciously make your ex be attracted to you. (To know more see how to make your ex miss you during no contact.)

Tip 2. Incite Jealousy in Your Ex

Jealousy may be regarded as a useful tool that helps your ex to change their mind about the breakup and take you back. Keep in mind that in this stage, you let your ex realize what life is like when you’re not by his side.

To do so, you can make it appear to your ex that you’re being pursued by other guys/girls and thus cause your ex to question whether or not it was a good idea to break up with you in the first place. However, you shouldn’t be too obvious about this technique for it may backfire on you later.

Some of the best ways to incite your ex’s jealousy are as follows.

• Employ the no-contact rule
• Pick up a new hobby
• Date someone new
• Go to the gym and get fit

Remember that dating someone new doesn’t mean that you should sleep with them. What matters here is dating itself. In this case, your ex will come up with the very question “why on earth did I dump him/her?”

Tip 3. Don’t Rush to Attract Your Ex

Take the time to find out the main reason why you broke up and think about it.

Once you find the cause of your breakup, you can find a solution. The more hurried you are to attract your ex, the more likely you are to lose chances of attracting them forever. (To read more see how to deal with a breakup when you still love them.)

Tip.4 Treat Your Ex Like a Friend

Treating your ex like a friend will catch them off-guard and throw them off balance is effective when you want to make your ex feel attracted to you again. In that, they won’t be used to such treatment from you.

You can also implicitly refer to interesting stuff you’ve been doing since the breakup, or refer to new friends you’ve been hanging out with lately when you’re talking with your ex. (To know more see Living your best self.)

When you’re treating them like a friend, they’ll start to think that you’re beginning to move on. So, the possibility of you missing them won’t even enter their mind and they’ll be left pondering on the ways they can win you back.

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