How to make up with your best friend over text

Having a fight is normal in any friendship. You may unwittingly hurt their feelings with a clumsy choice of words. As a consequence, you upset your best friend or insult them without considering how hurtful your words can be. At times, you have no intention to utter such words but you do so and it exacerbates the situation. If you are nervous or upset about this, fortunately, there are many ways to resolve the issue and reconcile with your best friend. The best thing you can do when you find yourself in an argument with your best friend is to calm your mind, and then think about what to text him/her to mend the situation and reconcile with them. In this article, we will explain the ways on how to make up with your best friend over text. Spare a few minutes and learn how to reconcile with your BFF over text.

1. Be hopeful of reconciliation

You should be hopeful of reconciling your broken friendship if you feel like your best friend fills part of a missing piece in your life. Being hopeful means you can definitely fix your friendship through commitment, patience, and honesty. To make up with your best friend over text, first, you should find out how to become friends with someone again.

2. Take the first step and text him/her

The first step to making up with your best friend over text is to start communication again. Do not wait for your friend to come forward or text you. Instead, you can make yourself available to him/her via texting. A carefully thought-out message is often a good way to start a conversation with your best friend when you want to make apologies. Text your friend or send an email to tell her/her that you are so sorry and upset about what you told them and would like to iron things out. Here are some examples of the texts you can send your BBF:

“I want to apologize for hurting your feelings and ignoring your words. I think we need to talk.”

“Dear…, I was so angry that day and now I realize that I shouldn’t have shouted at you. So, I hope you’ll accept my apologies on this issue.”

3. Approach your best friend in the right way

To reconnect with your best friend, you should first accept the fact that you hurt your friend and that you played an important role in damaging your friendship. If you want to text him/her, you should let him/her to freely express his/her hurt. Try not to downplay their feelings. In this way, they can express their anger and disappointment.

Moreover, you can send him/her a letter of apology. Sending a letter is suitable for the times when you want to impress your friend and make him/her reconcile with you.

4. Don’t worry about the duration of this distance

Never think that there is no way to make up with your best friend, friendships change like relationships after marriage. Rest assured that your BFF will miss you, too. With this in mind, you should text your friend and ask him/her to forgive you and let go of any grudges s/he holds against you. Let them know that everyone makes mistakes and you should accept that you have disappointed him/her. However, you should remind your best friend to give this friendship a second chance and be sure to reconnect with him/her in the right time.

5. Be persistent but not stubborn.

If your friend doesn’t return your messages for reconciliation, in the first place, don’t despair and try again, but do not act in a way that s/he thinks you are stubborn. What matters here is to proceed with respect and composure. Keep in mind that if your friend is interested in mending the friendship, s/he probably values you and wants to be involved in your life. The only thing you need, at this stage, is patience. To see more information check out the article on how to be your best self in a relationship.

6. Be honest and apologize

The foundation of a good friendship is honesty. Both you and your BFF should be open with each other in a way that you can rely on each other. If your friend asks you a question, don’t forget to tell the truth. When you give the real answer to his/her question s/he is more likely to trust you and, as a result, both of you will be able to find a solution to restart your broken friendship. When you text your friend, try to say what you mean and provide evidence to support it. In this case, you will earn your friend’s trust and respect.

If you think that it was your fault, don’t hesitate to make apologies for your wrongdoings and persuade him/her that you’re going to make up for past errors.

At the right time, you can write about the reasons for what you did and what damaged your friendship. Remember that, in such cases, lying is not helpful and it often worsens the situation if your friend finds out the truth in some way, s/he would feel disappointed that s/he didn’t hear it from you. Try to tell the truth, no matter how negative or discouraging it may seem to your friend because it helps you establish loyalty.

7. Be receptive to your friend’s ideas

You must maintain respect while texting. One of the surest ways to show respect is to be respective to what s/he says and try to understand his/her feelings. In other words, try to look at this problem from his/her point of view. More than that, you should encourage your friend to share his or her frustrations despite the unsettling feelings that might follow. If you want more information on this issue, read the very article on non-judgmental listening.

8. Ask your friend to forgive you

Forgiveness is the first step after apologizing. Now that you are fully aware of how your friend feels, you should make apologies to him/her from the bottom of your heart and ask them to forgive you so that you can mend the situation. It shows that you regret that you were not more tender or affectionate with your friend.

9. Follow your plans

If you have promised each other to stay together forever, be sure to keep your word and try to follow your friendship plans, this will make both of you trust each other and have continuous honesty in your friendship. Learning how to make up with your best friend over text can help you build a stronger, more honest friendship over time.

10. Give your friend some more time

When a friendship is rebuilt after a long separation, it is not possible to find the previous intimacy towards each other all at once. You have to accept the fact that your friend needs some more time to get back to normal if you give a toss about his/her hurt feelings. For more information on how to make up with your best friend over text you can read the very article on how to get a friend back after you hurt them.

The Bottom Line

No friendship can be compared to another, and on the other hand, no friendship can be called excellent and unique. If you want to make apologies for the past and your friend doesn’t text back, don’t be disappointed with your friend. Instead, try to explain the reasons the caused this friendship breakup and be sure to give him/her some time to get back to normal and forgive you.

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