How to make your ex miss you during no contact

If you are looking for a method to make your ex miss you and want you back, you should employ the no-contact rule. However, you don’t need to stay away from your ex and pine over them. Rather, you need to take the no-contact rule as an opportunity to make your ex miss you like never before. In this article, we are going to introduce the best ways on how to make your ex miss you during no contact. Finding out the ways to make your ex miss you, can help you end up being someone your ex may actually miss. Spare a few moments to figure out how to make your ex miss you.

Give space

Giving your ex enough space is effective because they feel your absence and, consequently, start thinking of you. Put it simply, your absence is viewed as the loss of something valuable on your ex’s part. At the root of it, the no Contact rule lets your ex see what their life is truly like without you. All you need to do is to sever all contact with your ex and leave them to feel your absence. In this way, your ex is forced to really understand what their breakup would mean for the rest of his/her life.

Don’t engage with your ex

Your ex can only miss you when you’re not having any contact with him. Don’t beg or plead with your ex because you’ll make them move on easily and put the relationship behind them. Nevertheless, the lack of direct engagement with your ex can, surely, make your ex miss you and draw them back like a magnet.

By refusing to engage with your ex, they won’t be able to just forget about the relationship and move on and that’s what brings them back to you in the end. (To know more see how to focus on yourself after a breakup.)

Upload photos from your shared memories

To make your ex miss you during no contact, your can upload your shared memories on social networks. In doing so, you show him/her that you are still thinking about those good old days. Keep in mind that it will not only affect others but also your ex-lover. In addition, if your ex is missing you and thinks of coming back to you but they don’t dare to do so, you will give them the courage to return.

Wish him/her happiness

When you can’t see your lost love for a long time, it’s normal to feel sad and depressed. But you have to suppress that feeling. If you encounter him/her for any reason, you should control your emotions and instead of complaining about past issues, it’s better to wish him/her the best. What is important here is that such behavior will definitely impress your ex and they will start missing you right after you leave them.

Return to normal life

You do not always have to beg your ex to miss you. Sometimes all you need is to return to your normal life. Let your ex realize that you can live without them. That’s enough for your ex to long for being a part of your independent life. That is to say, you prove to your ex that you have a normal life and you follow your usual plans. In this case, s/he will certainly miss you and seeks ways to contact you and get closer to you.

Post pictures of yourself having fun

If you show that you are upset and depressed after the breakup, your ex won’t pay any attention to you and they move on. On the contrary, if you focus on yourself and get busy doing what you enjoy, you will safely make your ex a bit jealous hoping to change their mind about breaking up. To do so, you can upload photos of yourself having fun on social media. Even if it is not the case with you, you can pretend that you’re having fun with your family and friends and that you’re doing ok. At this point, your ex will, surely, miss you and will come up with the very question “why on earth did I dump him/her?”

Share your successes

We are all attracted to successful people. Try to be the best person you can be in every situation so that not only those around you, but also your ex will be proud of being by your side again. When you aren’t begging and pleading with your ex to come back, you can show them that you can live your life to the fullest even without their presence. (To know more see how to make my ex feel attracted to me again.)

Date new people

When you focus on yourself, you can become more confident and start dating. All you may need to do, in this case, is to go out and socialize with others. In so doing, you’ll boost your confidence. To tell you the truth, your ex will feel more inclined to realize your value once you start dating a new girl/guy. (To read more on this see starting a new relationship after the breakup.)

In a nutshell

During no contact, you are more likely to ask yourself “does my ex think of me and miss me?” or “is going no contact solve your problem?” what matters here is that you should always remind yourself that it’s not that easy to realize whether or not your ex is missing you but there are some signs that help in this regard. For instance, your ex may ask about you from mutual friends. Or you may run into each other by accident. Generally speaking, try not to be obsessed with your ex by asking yourself if s/he is thinking of you. In this case, it is best to separate yourself physically and emotionally from your ex and, in so doing, you will indirectly make them think of you and miss you.

The pursuit of how to make your ex miss you during no contact is more concerned with how you improve yourself to live independently after the breakup. More than that, you’ll show your ex that you are so confident and never plead with them to come back. This way you will maximize your value and the overall perception of yourself. In such moments, your improvement will travel back to your ex as a continuous reminder of what they are missing out on.

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    I learned everything from setses and managed to get my ex back. mentioning a few of these techniques, you should be light-hearted and pleasant while texting him/her. Don’t mention the past issues or the possibility of getting back together. At this point, it’s better to be assertive and act like you are texting one of your friends or relatives. If it is done successfully, you will increase the chance of making your ex think of you and miss you.

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