How to prove to your girlfriend that you love her

When you are in love with your girlfriend, you’d do anything for her just to make her smile. But, sometimes you may have difficulty verbalizing your feelings. As a boyfriend, you should prove your love in such a way that she feels loved and cared for. Otherwise, there would be an emotional distance in your relationship simply because you don’t know how to prove to your girlfriend that you love her. Here, in this article, we introduce the most important ways to prove to your girlfriend that you love her. Read on to find out these ways.


Admiration and approval of your girlfriend

One way to prove to your girlfriend that you love her is associated with the admiration and approval of your girlfriend. To admire your girlfriend, you can use affirmative words such as thanking her for what she has done to make you happy, appreciating her kindness, and praising her beauty or how she looks like will also help you to keep your girlfriend in love with you, to say nothing of improving the emotional atmosphere in your relationship.


Another way to prove to your girlfriend that you love her is togetherness. Being together includes talking to each other, looking into her eyes while she is talking to you, listening to her and caring about her feelings, paying attention to her body language, walking together, and saying sweet words to make her smile.

At this stage, their personality traits should also be considered.

There are two types of personalities:

1. People who are just receivers and there is a reservoir in them that receives a lot of experiences, feelings, and thoughts during the day, but they don’t talk about them.

2. People who become talkative when they meet their girlfriends. Such partners may get along well for a while, but in the end, they may come up with a relationship breakdown.

To find an ideal case, both you and your girlfriend must be able to talk about, at least, three events of your day for each other.

Give gifts

Gifts are a visual symbol of love and are very important to some people. Gift-giving is one of the easiest ways to prove to your girlfriend that you love her. Your girlfriend will, surely,  like it when you, unexpectedly, surprise her. some of the ways to surprise your girlfriend are giving her what she likes, or buying her a bouquet, not to mention telling words to make her feel special.

Hug her

For some girls, physical contact is very important. If your girlfriend likes the physical contact, she expects you to hold her hands, thread your fingers through her hair, and hug her. At this point, you need to tell her touching love messages, as well, if you want to prove to your girlfriend that you love her.

It should be noted that physical contact with your girlfriend is a powerful form of communication and as a sign of love, it touches the depths of her heart.

Simple ways to prove to your girlfriend that you love her

• Send romantic and sincere text messages to your girlfriend.
• Write a poem for her if you are good at writing.
• Invite her to a restaurant.
• Put a love note in your car and make her day.
• Kiss her.
• Go to the cinema and watch a romantic movie.
• In the middle of talking, interrupt her, quickly and surprisingly, and say “I love you.”
• Write a letter to her.
• Do not forget the miracle of giving gifts to her.
• Tell her that you appreciate her efforts.
• Pray for her and ask God to help her do everything right.
• Cook your girlfriend’s favorite food.
• Surprise your girlfriend with an unplanned appointment.
• Show interest in the things she likes.
• Appreciate her comments.
• Celebrate special days like her birthday in the best way possible.
• If your girlfriend is sick, do whatever you can to make her feel better.
• Give your girlfriend a sense of love and uniqueness every day.

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