How to respect a girl you love

Respecting the girl you love is one of the most important elements of your relationship and it should be established after starting your friendship. In this article, we are going to discuss how to respect a girl you love to give your relationship a stronger bond and make it long-lasting. Read on to learn about these ways.

Talk to her kindly

Talk to your girlfriend the way you want to talk to a close friend. Keep in mind that a healthy relationship is always based on mutual respect.

• Mind the tone of your speech. Speak in a tone of voice that lets her know you care. Don’t shout and don’t get nervous quickly.

• Try to call her by such phrase as my soul, my love, my heart, my sun, and my sweetheart to make her feel special.

Pay attention to her body language

Your girlfriend’s body language is the key to understanding her feelings on a deeper level than what might be expressed orally. Experts say that about 55% of communication involves body language, so your girlfriend’s nonverbal cues may give you information about her own feelings.

• If your girlfriend enjoys the moment, her body language shows this feeling. She either laughs or comes towards you or makes eye contact.

• When she is talking to you, she may seem angry, upset, or unexcited, which means that she doesn’t feel good about something. (To know more see reading female body language.)

Understand her

When you do something and you are proud of yourself, you like to hear others’ compliments. So, remember that you should feel the same way about your girlfriend. If she does something or has an opinion, be proud of her and encourage her. (To learn more see how to make your girlfriend feel better.)

Be honest

Honesty is the cornerstone of all healthy relationships. It is very important, to be honest after starting your relationship off. While sometimes it is difficult, to be honest, it is always the best policy because it shows how you respect both your girlfriend and your relationship.

• Instead of lying, just be honest from the beginning. A relationship that is based on lies will never make you happy.

• If you lie, accept it. The best thing you can do is let your girlfriend hear the truth from you, not someone else. (To read more see how to be honest with your partner.)

Apologize to her

You should apologize to her when you upset her. Apologizing is one of the best ways to show respect for your girlfriend. In doing so, she will never lose trust in you.

Show that you care about your girlfriend

Let your girlfriend know that you are thinking of her. A simple text message or a phone call, if you are apart, will help your girlfriend think that she is important to you and that you care about her.

• Try a simple message: “I just wanted to tell you that I think of you because you are my everything.”

• Start with a compliment: “Your beautiful smile today, made my day.” (To read more see touching love messages.)

Make her feel special

If you are busy, it is important to pay attention to your girlfriend and let her feel that you are crazy about her and value her presence.

• Appreciate her. Talk about her new hairstyle, her new dress, or anything else that appeals to you.

• Thank her when she helps you and tell her that your life would be meaningless without her. (To read more see things to say to a girl to make her feel special.)

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