How to save marriage on the brink of divorce

According to recent research, couples marrying for the first time have approximately a fifty percent chance of divorcing. However, providing marriage therapy and helping couples to find a way to save their marriage is only appropriate when both couples are on the same page. In this article, we are going to discuss the ways on how to save marriage on the brink of divorce if you want to save your failing marriage and avoid divorce. What follows is a list of the most effective ways to fix your broken marriage if you’re still in love with your spouse.

Don’t lash out

If you have a lot of problems in your married life and you are on the verge of divorce, think a little, keep calm and don’t make hasty decisions. When you are angry, you may lash out so that your point of view is heard louder. One way to get over this problem is to be patient and listen attentively to your partner when s/he gives full vent to his/her feelings. Shortly after you heard how your partner feels, you can start talking to him/her and work things out verbally.

Improve your behavior

If you only blame your spouse for the problems and always criticize him/her, your problems will be multiplied tenfold and, as a result, your life will be on the verge of destruction, but to find out how to save marriage on the brink of divorce, you, as Torres-Gregory says, “need to be fulfilled individually, rather than expecting your partner to fulfill everything.” Put it another way, your partner is not responsible for making you happy. So you should focus on your behavior and concentrate on acquiring the personality traits that can make you a better version of yourself. In this case, you won’t rely on your partner to feel happy. (To read more see how to be your best self in a relationship.)

Treat your spouse with respect

If you change your behavior and treat your spouse with love, kindness, and respect, s/he will treat you the same way because your feelings and emotions toward your spouse are consistent with how you treat him/her. So, improve your behavior and try to calm your anger when unwanted quarrels happen.

Give priority to your married life

Giving priority to your married life is in line with spending more time with your spouse even if both of you are too busy to deal with anything on an emotional level. In fact, the opportunity to communicate well with each other is what matters the most when it comes to learning how to save marriage on the brink of divorce. As such, you should pay close attention to both your verbal and non-verbal behavior, namely, your gesture or facial expressions when you’re spending time with your spouse.

Spending time together

The lack of a simple connection uncontrollably exacerbates the differences. If your spouse is busy and spends a lot of time with his/her friends in his spare time and you feel upset about being left alone, you should let him/her know. Don’t forget that, these simple problems may lead to divorce due to the lack of communication in your relationship. (To read more see how to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.)

Be supportive

This includes showing faith in your spouse. You should respect your spouse’s ideas, and being there for your spouse physically, emotionally, and financially. When you think your own thoughts and go your own way, then proving that your marriage is bona fide can be difficult, especially when you don’t put yourself in your spouse’s shoes. (To read more see why spending time with your partner is important.)

Be determined to prevent divorce

If you assume that getting a divorce is the only solution to your problem, you will never save your married life. It should be noted that figuring out how to save marriage on the brink of divorce is concerned with a lot of give and take, and always making up any quarrels or arguments before going to bed.

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