How to text your ex for a hookup

To text your ex for a hookup, it is very important to know what kind of messages you’re trying to send. But what should you actually say? There are plenty of options but you should avoid sending the wrong messages that may provoke your ex to anger and, consequently, s/he will never come back to you. The way you text your ex for a hookup should inform your ex that s/he is always on your mind and you’d like to get him/her back. Hence, we are going to discuss how to text your ex for a hookup in this article. Figuring out the best ways to text your ex can help you succeed in resurrecting your relationship. Start reading the following post to learn how to text your ex for a hookup.

You can start by thinking back on those good old times you shared together. Don’t forget that you’re not going to make your ex madly in love with you just by sending a few messages to him/her. You can just get familiar with some of the best text messages that are sure to establish a good basis for reconnecting with your ex. The following text ideas will help you in this regard. (To know more see how to make your ex want you back quickly.)

Conversation Starters

As a relationship expert, Robyn Koenig of Rare Find puts it, “The key to conversation starters is to be interested in the other person without coming across as anxious or desperate for attention. Keep it light and show you have a genuine interest by reaching out with questions that allow for responses beyond one word.” In what follows you can find some of the best conversation starters to start texting with your ex.

Can I tell you how crazy work is getting?

I know how busy you are these days. Take care of yourself.

What do you have planned this weekend?

Are you going to ___’s birthday? I didn’t see you at work today.

Hope everything is okay. I need to confess something to you.

I need to tell you something.

Fun Reminders of the Past

Nobody likes to receive such super boring texts as “hello” or “how’s it going”. Not only do these texts lack purpose, but they also don’t make your ex feel any emotions at all. You can use the following text ideas to remind your ex of the happier times you shared together so you will pave the way to spend time together and find ways to be in sync in the near future.

I caught a glimpse of a handsome guy/cute girl today who reminded me of you. I hope you’re doing well.

I finally tried that Italian restaurant you always wanted me to go to, and it was awesome! I miss our food adventures.

Well, I lost the car keys and had a little unintended adventure today. Remember when that happened to us?

My parents adore you as much as ever. They were asking about you today.

Don’t send “I Miss You” Texts

It’s best to wait for a month and cut all the ties with your ex. Remember that texting your ex right after the breakup just reeks of desperation, loneliness, emotional deprivation, and neediness. In doing so, you’ll take the first step to make your ex think of you and miss you, in an indirect way. Even if they are in a relationship with a new girl/guy, they still miss the intimacy they had with you and, as a result, they are more likely to miss you.

A good rule of thumb is to take a calendar and mark the days you don’t text him/her. In this case, you’ll get closer to your ultimate goal. You should just focus on yourself and try to get your mind off of your ex and, instead, spend most of your time doing things you always wanted to try.

Keep in mind that, you have to wait for a month. But, after a month, you can text your ex.

You should text him/her at a time when you know that s/he is at home. Remember that you are just texting them to see how s/he is and let them know that you were “thinking of them.” You should sound nonchalant and confident as if you are texting one of your relatives or friends. Try not to sound needy or whiny when you text him/her.

It is nice texting you’re your ex, but don’t send “I miss you” messages to your ex because it shows that your life is revolving around him/her and s/he may not like a dependent partner. If you text them to see “how’s everything?” then, your ex will be intrigued, by the message, and flattered. More than that, your ex will feel good that you texted him/her because you didn’t sound clingy or whiny and it shows you are independent since you didn’t ask him/her for anything.

All in all, you should be light-hearted and pleasant while texting him/her. Don’t mention the past issues or the possibility of getting back together. At this point, it’s better to be assertive and act like you are texting one of your friends or relatives. If it is done successfully, you will increase the chance of making your ex think of you and miss you. For more information on how to make your ex miss you check out the very article on how to make your ex miss you during no contact.

Common Texting Mistakes To Avoid

After a breakup, you’re depressed, heartbroken, and anxious. Most importantly, you’re not thinking logically! And when logic goes out the window, you are more likely to send wrong text messages to your ex. Below are some kinds of text messages you absolutely should NOT send to your ex if you want to make him/her meet up with you. (To know more see how to be your best self in a relationship.)

“I Hate You!”

By sending this message, you will, surely, reduce the chances of hooking up with your ex. It is normal to be angry with him but you should control your emotions.

“You Broke My Heart…”

This message will show that you are overly emotional. As a result, your ex will lose interest in you and start living his/her own life.

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