I just want my best friend back

Surely, you have a close friend who you can trust and tell him/her all your secrets. Sometimes you say things to your best friend that you can’t even say to your family. Now, if there are problems between you and your best friend, it will engage your mind and you will look for ways to reconcile with him/her insofar as you value both your friend and your friendship. In the very article “I just want my friend back,” we will introduce some of the best ways to reconcile with your bestie in a way that you can step forward to rebuild your friendship. Read on to figure out these ways.

Be patient

When you are angry, you may say something that might offend your friend, and if you feel that you are losing control of your emotions and you want to say annoying words to your friend, it is better to be silent and wait a few minutes so as to have control over your emotions. One of the best things you can do in this situation is to tell your friend that it is better to talk to each other after you calm down. Even if your friend says something annoying to you, it is better to admit to yourself that s/he is angry now and that what s/he is saying is due to a surge of anger that s/he feels at that moment and that s/he can’t control his/her emotions.

Calm yourself down

When you admit that you’re angry at your friend and you express it. Your anxiety and anger might decrease if you take a deep breath while focusing on relaxing your mind. To relax your mind, you can go for a walk, listen to your favorite music, and the things that calm you down. Calmness will help you make better decisions and handle the situation in a mature manner.

Don’t talk behind your friend’s back

Another way to reconcile with a close friend is not to gossip about your bestie with the rest of your friends even though you are angry at him/her. In fact, it’s utterly stupid to gossip about your friend with others because, in doing so, you are debasing your friendship and if your friend realizes that you gossiped about him/her, they won’t trust you when you step forward to makes apologies.

Apologize to your friend

If you have done something wrong and hurt your friend, you need some time to think things through and apologize to him/her. Explain to your friend that you did not intend to upset him/her. If you think it was your fault, well, you need to make apologies for what’s happened. At this point, you can put yourself in your friend’s shoes and see how s/he felt when you said those unfavorable words to him/her. Keep in mind that when you apologize to your friend, it’s very important to take responsibility for your wrong words and actions at first.

Give them some time and space

After you apologize to your friend, it’s best to give them some more time to think of your words and reconsider the issue again so they can make the right decision. You may probably think meeting and talking right away is the best way to fix the situation but for your friend, it’s not. So, give them some time and wait to see if they contact you first.

If they don’t, call or text you after a week of no contact. And, if you tried to contact them earlier and they don’t respond, give it more time. They’ll reply when they’re ready.

Meet your friend

A meeting helps you and your friend re-establish an intimate friendship and is one of the ways to reconcile with him/her. Moreover, this meeting will make your apology more acceptable for him/her. Call your friend and tell him/her that you want to meet him/her face to face. If you want to get your best friend back, first, you should learn how to become friends with someone again.

Let your friend express his/her feelings

It’s very important not to get defensive when your friend expresses himself/herself. If you let them express themselves, it shows them that you care about them and want to rebuild this friendship. Just try to be your best self in this situation and hear carefully without getting defensive. Listening carefully to your friend not only helps you to respect your friend, but also to find out how s/he feels now. So, being a non-judgmental listener helps your friend cool off and, eventually, you can solve this issue with great attention to detail. Be sure to read the very article non-judgmental listening for more information. This article sheds light on how to be your best self in a relationship.

Replace your bad habits with good ones

If your fight was because you criticized your friend too much, then you need to back off from this habit. Remember that criticizing your friend can create resentment and unhappiness on his/her part and drives him/her away from you. Instead of criticizing your friend, it’s always better to look for the positives rather than the problems and, in doing so, you’re no longer biased towards finding your friend’s faults or misdeeds.

Moreover, it should be noted that when you criticize your friend, you might feel upset in that you always feel guilty about your critical behavior. Whenever you want to criticize, take a deep breath and think about what you are going to say and, in so doing, you won’t say anything you regret.

So if you want to get your best friend back, you have to back off from criticizing and you should let your friend know about your decision. In this sense, your friend realizes that you value him/her and that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to save this friendship. Don’t miss reading the very article on how to get a friend back after you hurt them.

Talk about the good moments you shared together

If you both have accepted each other’s apology, then you no longer need to talk about this issue and it’s a good idea to change the topic of your discussion. You can call or text them and let them know what happened to you during this time or you can arrange a time for both of you to meet each other again. When you meet your friend, don’t forget to treat him/her respectfully and tell them how much they mean to you. You may have some funny pictures or memorabilia to make him/her think about the good times you shared together.

Further, you can remind him/her of good memories you shared together in the past and hear their ideas. At the end of the meeting, when saying goodbye, you can hug your friend and tell him/her how much you missed him/her during this time.

Get your friendship back to normal

Do not wait for your friend to step forward. If you want to move on and get your best friend back, you should make yourself available to him/her. You can call your friend and invite him/her to your house and watch a movie, you can also hang out together, or go to the mall. Whatever it is, you should do your best to have fun together. In this way, you won’t waste your time blaming yourself or dwelling on the past.

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