Is getting back with an ex a good idea?

If you have just broken up, you are probably depressed and may feel like you no longer can make sound decisions. Sometimes you think of getting back to your ex and restart your relationship and other times you want to ruin everything. What matters, here, is that you should know that such behaviors or reactions are all normal after the breakup. Getting back with your ex is not always a wrong or stupid decision. But is getting back with an ex a good idea? The answer to this question depends very much on the quality of your relationship. That is, your previous relationship determines how ideal and correct this return is. If you are thinking of returning to your previous relationship, think twice about the way you view your relationship and ask yourself some questions before making such a crucial decision. In this article, we will explain some good reasons for getting back with an ex so that you don’t go astray and choose the right path. Read on to figure out these reasons.

Before you plan to get back with your ex, it’s best to reconsider the main reason for ending your relationship.

Is there a problem that forced you to leave the relationship? Is it still present?

Be honest with yourself, what has changed that you want to get back with your ex?

Restarting a relationship is like a rough road that you can’t ensure its safety. But having good reasons can increase your chances of success in reviving your broken relationship.

Sudden breakups and hasty decisions

Sometimes couples have little confidence in their relationship. So in the face of any problem instead of working on it and resolving it, they distance themselves from each other. It is as if problems are building a wall between them. When the height of this wall reaches a certain level, they will become two people in a single failed relationship. At this point, they choose the simplest way, which is to end their relationship. For example, did your ex react too much to your words? Did you dump him/her? It can be said that you’ve made a hasty decision.

Having a great relationship in the past

Hold on if you’ve had a great relationship based on respect, honesty, and trust in the past. Then, this relationship is worth the effort to rebuild. But before deciding to start over, first, consider these four factors in your relationship. More than that, having a child may be a reason for further reflection on getting back with your ex. Be sure to read how to communicate effectively in a relationship.

Mind your children

Divorce or breakup always has very serious consequences for the child. Is in such a situation, is getting back with an ex a good idea? Do you find the conditions favorable for getting back to your ex?

It is good to think about reviving your relationship. This effort is worth it. There is nothing better for children than growing up in a calm and healthy environment.

Reconsider periodic problems

Periodic problems such as immigration can lead to relationship problems. Many relationships are lost because of circumstances. For example, when you have to go abroad to continue your education or job and your partner doesn’t agree with these changes, your relationship will be on shaky ground.

If you have ended your relationship, due to this reason, there is hope to get back with your ex and rekindle the relationship after the change of circumstances. Of course, over time, many things change as people change in the meantime. So, such a relationship is worth trying again.

To do so, do your best to get the consent of your family and those around you to get back with your ex and restart your relationship.
Families play an important role in producing an emotional connection between individuals. With their support, many problems, for couples, will be solved.

Also, if they don’t agree with restarting the relationship, the couple will struggle with additional problems. More importantly, in most cases, when you leave the previous relationship, families expect you to let go of the past. But if you can get their approval and support, the way back to your ex would be much easier for you. In this regard, you will have more hope for restarting a successful relationship. For more information, read how to discuss relationship problems without fighting.

Get back with your ex after a period of no contact!

Usually, you may have difficulty making logical decisions right after the breakup. During this period of no contact, you want to get back with your ex more than anything else. That’s why getting back with your ex is a good idea. Put it another way, you are more likely to focus on the good and positive aspects of your ex during no contact period. When you keep remembering your ex’s positive aspects, you will gradually become convinced that getting back with your ex is the best decision. In such cases, you can go no contact for a month and cut off all means of communication with your ex. Mind that you shouldn’t call, IM, text, or email them during this period. (To read more see what are good reasons to get back with an ex?)

Rekindle your relationship

Going no contact can be a great way to rekindle a relationship. Do not follow the news about your ex on social media so that you will start reconsidering your past issues. This is the best time to make successful decisions and change the course of your life. So look at the pros and cons of your relationship without any prejudice. More than that you and your ex can foster mutual understanding and change your bad habits. As such, you may come to the conclusion that you can get back with your ex and start your relationship over.

The Bottom Line

Returning to a previous relationship is not a decision to be made out of loneliness, despondency, and despair. You should mind that as much as you are responsible for restarting your relationship, you must work for its success and permanence, as well. So you have to reconsider your past mistakes when you are certain that your relationship is worth it insofar as it has the potential to start over. Going on a period of no contact and giving yourself a second chance to reconsider your past issues are the best possible solutions, here.

There are several factors that can inject hope into your relationship:

1. Your breakup was a hasty decision or dependent on circumstances that have now changed.

2. In the past, you had a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and honesty.

3. You have a child from your previous relationship.

4. Your parents and your loved ones support your decision to get back with your ex.

You can experience a highly cherished relationship with your ex. Couples therapists are by your side to help you deal with this life crisis in the best possible way. Do not procrastinate to ask your questions so that you will get rid of all your worries and negative thoughts.

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