Topics to talk about with your ex-girlfriend

Finding out how to talk with your ex-girlfriend after a breakup, has a pivotal role in getting back to her. However, for many of you talking again with your ex-girlfriend may be stressful whether you’re just finishing up the “no-contact” period or just wanting some ideas to have a conversation with your ex-girlfriend again. In this article, we will offer you some of the best topics to talk about with your ex-girlfriend when you meet her after the no-contact phase. Learning what to say when your ex-girlfriend contacts you will increase the chances of getting her back. Spare a few minutes to get familiar with these topics.

If your girlfriend takes the initiative to reconnect with you, don’t try to reject her offer. In order for her to see you as a partner who wants to be almost always by her side, it is enough to act like a partner who values her presence. If you want to reconnect with her, make sure you have already realized how to get your ex-girlfriend back so that you can see her and have a friendly conversation with her. To start a friendly conversation with your ex-girlfriend, mind the following tips:

1. Keep the conversation happy and fun and away from any tension.

2. Don’t talk about your breakup. Don’t tell your ex-girlfriend how much you miss her, how much you want to rekindle your relationship, or how miserable you feel without her.

3. Don’t send her unpleasant messages; There should be no trace of anger, hatred, or bitterness in your messages.

4. Send meaningful messages. Sending a message like “hi” makes you look dull or lazy.

5. Don’t bombard her with incessant messages. Give her time to respond appropriately.

6. Don’t let your ex-girlfriend know that you want to bring her back. Instead, tell her that she is important to you, and you still want to communicate with her to some extent. (To know more read how to respond to ex after no contact.)


Once you have conveyed the idea of a reunion via text message or phone call, you should plan for this reunion. For example, hang out for coffee in a coffee shop or a walk in the park.

When you reunite with your ex-girlfriend, try to look more attractive than before. She will notice your positive energy and your new appearance.

This reunion is not a war or a challenge that you want to win and overcome. Your focus should just be on how you can have a friendly conversation and enjoy the simple pleasure of being by her side.

You don’t need to try to change the reality of your situation, even if you want to, you can’t do such a thing. Whatever is supposed to happen, happens. So believe that whatever happens is welcome.

The Bottom Line

Talking with your ex-girlfriend is a two-sided issue that can be both easy and difficult. If done unknowingly and in the wrong way, it will be very difficult and ultimately without a result. But if it happens with enough knowledge about this issue and in a specialized and guaranteed way, it can bring you closer to your ultimate goal. To start a friendly conversation with your ex-girlfriend, you must go through a period of no contact. So, you have to avoid doing wrong things such as begging her to come back and calling her during the no-contact phase. Instead, you can improve your interpersonal communication skills.

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