Why spending time with your partner is important

Spending time with your partner is indispensable to experience a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Some partners take every opportunity to spend quality time together. Making time for each other has to do with changing habits and creating a new daily schedule. It should be noted, however, that those couples who have problems in their relationships will find it hard to spend some quality time with their partner since their relationship is no longer attractive or enjoyable. As a result, they prefer to take up new hobbies instead of spending quality time together. In this article, we will discuss why spending time with your partner is important and, in doing so, we will introduce some effective ways to spend quality time with your partner. Read on to find out how to spend time with your partner and have a lasting relationship together.

Have a balanced relationship with your spouse

You need to dedicate some time to your spouse. You can go for a walk or simply talk about your day. Try to express yourself and make your partner open up. As such, you’ll miss each other when either one of you is not around.

However, your work will put limits on the time you spend with your spouse. Try to balance your work-life; that is to say, you should equally prioritize your relationship and your job. This way, you will have enough time to build your ideal relationship.

In 1999, a study found that women who spent a lot of time they spent with their husbands, had actually no time to visit their friends. As such, couples need to balance the time they spend with each other and the time they spend with their family and friends.

In fact, when you balance your work-life and spend quality time with your partner, both you and your partner will feel comfortable and supported.

Talk with each other

Many spouses don’t talk to each other effectively when it comes to their relationship problems. These couples are less aware of each other’s feelings and in a way it can be said that an emotional divorce has taken place between them since they no longer have much to say to each other. If there is no talk in the relationship, the relationship will gradually become monotonous and boring.

That’s why spending time with your partner is important and plays an important role in taking over your relationship problems or your worries with your spouse. As you start talking with your spouse, you need to give your spouse a clear focus when they respond to any of your comments.

Instead of saying, “Let’s talk about my friend coming, or let’s talk about our relationship, or I need help with my job,” say exactly what you mean at the start of the conversation. (To read more see how to get your partner to open up.)

Your relationship has changed, but your expectations have not

After marriage, the emotional relationship changes, for example, you and your spouse no longer enjoy seeing each other every day, like when you were dating, and it is no longer normal for you to be together. If, in the face of these changes, you don’t change your expectations, your relationship will go cold and monotonous. To resolve this problem, you need to find out the differences between dating and getting married and, then, adjust your expectations and desires accordingly so that you will have a healthy and strong relationship with your spouse.

Speak your love language

The love language is one of the ways couples communicate with each other. There are 5 types of love language, namely, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, gifts, and physical touch. You will find a concise definition for each love language in what follows.

• Couples whose love language is “words of affirmation” are inclined to express their love and affection verbally and at times by way of touching love messages.

• Those couples whose love language is “quality time” prefer to hang out with their partner to feel loved and cared for.

• If you believe that “actions speak louder than words,” then your love language is “acts of service.”

• Gifts refers to those couples who look for “visual symbols of love,” as Chapman puts it to feel loved.

• If your love language is “physical touch,” you feel loved when your partner kisses you, hugs you, or has sex with you.

What matters most here is that you should discover your love language and that of your partner so you will understand how to impress your partner the next time you and your partner spend time together.

You’re not happy with your sex life

In fact, sexual and emotional interactions play an important role here. So if you can’t manage to have satisfying sex with your spouse, your emotional relationship will certainly decline in quality and will gradually go cold. ( To read more see how to be honest with your partner.)

Go on a trip together

Gaining new and exciting experiences, such as traveling, adds freshness and variety to your emotional relationship. If you are both into sports or hobbies, do these activities together and strengthen your common interests instead of doing them alone. The more interaction you have with your spouse, the better your relationship will be.

You always spend time together as a family and not as a couple

If you have children and spend most of your time together as a family and are oblivious to the time you spend alone, your relationship will gradually go monotonous and cold. No matter how many years you have been married, you still need to spend time together at least once a week and save your relationship. ( To know more see how to communicate better with your spouse.)

Take care of your appearance

Both women and men should pay attention to this issue. Your appearance at home or outdoors should be such that your spouse is willing to have a deep relationship with you. Couples who don’t care about physical health and physical beauty are more likely to experience a cold relationship. Wearing clean and tidy clothes and try to be the best person you can be when you spend time with your partner. In this case, they feel loved and pleased.

Mind your mental health problems

Psychological problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety prevent you from being able to manage your relationship, and, eventually, you won’t be able to spend time with your partner the way you like. These problems don’t allow you to be energetic and able to focus well on your relationship. Therefore, the quality of your relationship will decrease. If you suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression, we recommend that you seek the help of clinical psychologists to treat these issues and problems so that they won’t have negative impacts on other aspects of your life.

Get professional help if you need it

In addition to considering the above-mentioned strategies for spending quality time with your partner, we recommend that you get help from Setses therapists. Each relationship has its own solutions because couples are different. This is why you can’t only rely on practicing general solutions or asking other couples’ solutions to improve your relationship. In such cases, it is necessary to consult with a couples therapist to find appropriate and specific solutions that help you have a healthy and lasting relationship.

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